Side stitching: an easier way to Bind a BigBook

Posted on Thu 05 May 2016 in literacy

Yes, there are many advantages to center stitching a big book. If you've taken an SIL literacy course, you may have learned how to do this by hand, going through the steps of pairing each leaf of paper with its opposite (which is harder than it sounds, since the order is no longer numerical).

While that indeed makes strong, and easy to use Big Books, often we can make do with a smaller version which can be assembled quite quickly. Here is how to do this using "side-stitch" method.

STEP 1: Gather your glue, photocopied pages, and cover pieces STEP 2: Cut a line down the left side of the top piece (not bottom). Make the cut 2 cm from the edge.
STEP 3: Add glue to the top piece and its thin binding strip you just cut STEP 4: Glue the cover page, and the inside cover page to both sides of these two pieces of card stock. Then fold as shown in the photo.
STEP 5: Staple along the thin cardboard strip STEP 6: Crease the pages to make turning easier.
And, you're done! Instead of staples you could also stitch the binding using twine or "jute rope"