Handy Linux Software

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Here is a list of linux tools ranging from Desktop search, user interface improvements, advanced image editing, etc.


Cerebro Launcher

If you're a Mac user, you've probably come to know and love Spotlight. Cerebro is off to a good start providing some of that functionality to the Linux (and ...

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Happy Mother Language Day!

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International Mother Tongue Day, 2017

Hi, this is Troy, and I'd like to wish you a very happy "International Mother Language Day". Many of you might not have even heard of this. Actually, the 21st of February is commemorated each year by UNESCO as a day when we celebrate all of the nearly 7 ...

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Three "T"s of Literacy

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When it comes to mother tongue literacy programs (including the first stages of Multilingual Education (MLE), it can be helpful to think of these three basic aspects, essential for success. Download

Three T's of Literacy from troybail

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Really? 17 Goals? ... Yes, and here is why.

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In the year 2000 country leaders agreed to work toward eight "Millenium Development Goals" which were meant to make the world a better place by 2015. Some of those goals, such as "halving the number of people living in extreme poverty", were met as described (though targets, and how they ...

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Side stitching: an easier way to Bind a BigBook

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Yes, there are many advantages to center stitching a big book. If you've taken an SIL literacy course, you may have learned how to do this by hand, going through the steps of pairing each leaf of paper with its opposite (which is harder than it sounds, since the ...

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Type Indian Languages on Linux using KMFL

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The standard keyboards provided by Ubuntu / Linux Mint are enough to type many of the world's languages, including most of the Indian languages. Some of us, however, need customized options for typing non-standard languages. This article shows you how to use some of the familiar "Winscript" (keyman) keyboards used by some folk developing minority languages in India (and other countries).

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BookMali can also export PDFs for print

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Worshop coordintators can batch export PDFs for print. Simple books are possible at this point. To achieve more complex layouts, one would need to learn LaTeX typesetting language.

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BookMali can also export flipbooks for your website

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While its main purpose is to help workshop coordinators manage revisions, BookMali can also create books as well. This article shows some web versions that it can export, in batch!

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Separate your data from your (Linux) operating system

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It used to be that linux was only for the very brave at heart, or those who just linked to tinker with new technology. These days, there are some very stable options available for both new computer users and seasoned (Windows or Mac) users.

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Automatically Trace your Photos using Inkscape

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Have you ever wanted to turn your photo into a cartoon, or perhaps click on parts of the picture and move them elsewhere? If so, you are needing to convert your "raster" image into "vectors". Sound's complicated? Not really, and with Inkscape you can do it for free!

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