Handy Linux Software

Posted on Tue 28 February 2017 in technology • Tagged with tech, linuxLeave a comment

Here is a list of linux tools ranging from Desktop search, user interface improvements, advanced image editing, etc.


Cerebro Launcher

If you're a Mac user, you've probably come to know and love Spotlight. Cerebro is off to a good start providing some of that functionality to the Linux (and ...

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Type Indian Languages on Linux using KMFL

Posted on Mon 25 April 2016 in technology • Tagged with tech, linux, language, keyboardingLeave a comment

The standard keyboards provided by Ubuntu / Linux Mint are enough to type many of the world's languages, including most of the Indian languages. Some of us, however, need customized options for typing non-standard languages. This article shows you how to use some of the familiar "Winscript" (keyman) keyboards used by some folk developing minority languages in India (and other countries).

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Separate your data from your (Linux) operating system

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It used to be that linux was only for the very brave at heart, or those who just linked to tinker with new technology. These days, there are some very stable options available for both new computer users and seasoned (Windows or Mac) users.

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Automatically Trace your Photos using Inkscape

Posted on Tue 06 October 2015 in literacy • Tagged with linux, literacy, images, illustration, svg, vector, graphicsLeave a comment

Have you ever wanted to turn your photo into a cartoon, or perhaps click on parts of the picture and move them elsewhere? If so, you are needing to convert your "raster" image into "vectors". Sound's complicated? Not really, and with Inkscape you can do it for free!

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Linux for Literacy Workers

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Since Linux is free, and easily customizeable, it is great for individuals and organizations wanting to promote literacy, particularly within developing countries. This article describes several tools to make literacy programs both fun and affordable.

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Linux tools for Geeks

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You know who you are... You'd rather open a terminal than click through a bunch of menus. You constantly search for a better way to do simple things, or at least a faster way ... If that's you, then here are a few little utilities that you might find useful.

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Why Linux

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Clearly there are more "popular" solutions out there, but few operating systems provide the flexibility and affordability that linux does, and the learning curve keeps getting easier in time.

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Useful "one-liners" for the Linux Command-Line

Posted on Wed 22 April 2015 in technology • Tagged with tech, linux, cliLeave a comment

The linux command line has many treasures hidden within. To learn more about these, search online for a "bash tutorial". Following are a few short commands I found useful. I'm noting them here mostly as a way to remind myself how to use them!

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